Gracious God,
on this day we give thanks for those in our lives who have been like mothers to us.

Some of them are related to us through blood,
some of them have come into our lives through happenstance,
some of them have been part of our lives for decades,
some of them are new to us,
but many people have nurtured, taught, comforted, challenged, encouraged us.

Without them we would not be who we are,
and so we give thanks for them
and all that we have learned from our interactions with them.

(Prayer by Gord Waldie)

As part of the Mothering Sunday service on 14th March, we remember those who have mothered us in our lives. You may like to watch this service if you haven’t already and you might like to have with you a photograph of a person or people (women or men) who have nurtured you. You may also like to light a candle as well as we remember them with thankfulness.

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