Dear lovely people of St. Mark’s 

As I haven’t seen you all for quite a while I thought I might update you with where things are with me.

Firstly I haven’t fallen of the edge of the world ! Or fallen out with St. Mark’s!

As far as the breast cancer goes I finished the chemo in February and have a final treatment of Herceptin this Friday 10th December.

Yeh !!!! I have been having the Herceptin every 3 weeks since  last December. There are other treatments that continue every 6 months for 3 years and tablets for 10 years, but they both much more manageable. Thank you all for you continued prayers for Chris, myself and the family- they are very much appreciated.

The other reason I am not around so much is much more joyous. 

As part of my ordination training I have several residential weekends to attend.

This first year I am continuing with Church Mission Society- doing both the Ordinand weekends and modules AND also the weekends/ modules  to finish of my graduate diploma. Next year I will be joining Winchester School of Mission to complete my ordination training as a Deacon.

Hopefully I will see you all before Christmas but if not I wish you all many blessings, much peace, joy and laughter over Christmas and happy, healthy 2022.

God bless 


Debbie xx

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