This booklet of papers has been created by members of both Immanuel and St Mark’s churches. Its aim is to share with both churches the aspirations for the transition period as we move towards becoming one Parish and some ideas of the future for the new Parish. As we state on the front page, “All proposals and arrangements are subject to a legal consultation process underway and will depend on the outcome of that process.”

Please click this link to read the booklet.

We are sharing it now with the members of both churches to give an insight into the journey we are on together and to provide an opportunity for comment. Both PCCs will meet, separately, on 9th September to formally review the proposals contained in the booklet. If you have thoughts about any of the content, please share them with one of your PCC representatives before 9th.

Some of the topics have been developed by our own subject matter experts or reflect legal constraints: in these topics there is little room for changes (Topics 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7) but if you have reflections on these to please let your PCC know. Topics 1 and 5 are the ones more under our direct control and we look forward to hearing your reaction and any additional suggestions in these areas.

Finally, in Topic 7 section 4 there is an invitation to you to consider joining the Transition Team which will guide the next stages of our journey.

Do please pray about and consider whether you are passionate about helping to create this new future as described in the booklet.

Nicola, Kim, Chris, Clare, Jon, Primrose & Sue

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