Thank you for your feedback and prayers for our discussions at both PCC’s around the parish reorganisation. We had wide ranging and useful conversations and have some good additional points to add to the ‘Becoming One Parish’ document as we move forward.

In broad summary, we agreed that this will form the basis of the work of the Transition Team which will include members from both churches. This Team will begin meeting in October and will likely involve the setting up of smaller working groups to action the various areas outlined in the transition document. These will continue to be ratified by the two PCC’s until the legal proposals are approved and a single PCC is established. 

Although we are still in the consultation process, we are working towards a new season in the life of both of our churches as we move from being two separate worshipping communities into one church family with two centres of worship. It’s vital that there is representation and engagement from both Immanuel and St Mark’s to the Transition Team as we discuss the details of how we work and minister in your new parish; please do think about joining the team if you haven’t already. 

Both PCC’s are in agreement that we will move forward with shared worship in the new pattern in 6 weeks or so. The church wardens will be meeting in the next week to agree the start date for this. 

Nicola, Sue, Chris, Clare and Primrose

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