Bookings open for the Carol Service 

In order to keep safe numbers in the building we are asking people to book in for the Carol Service- you can do this online here or via the Parish Office by clicking here.

Our theme this year is ‘being together again’, and promises to be a lovely evening- do join us.

and the Christingle!

Book online to attend this here


Some updated advice due to Covid…..

  • Masks– please wear a mask if you are able to do so. Spares will be available at the front door. Please continue to wear your mask for singing together in the congregation.
  • Hand gel– please make use of the hand gels positioned by the entrance door and at the back of church.
  • Space– please consider how to give people space. If you would like additional space around you when seated, place the ‘smiley face’ signs on the chairs nearby. Smiley face = ‘I’d like some space’.
  • Refreshments– obviously you will need to remove your mask to enjoy your refreshments. Please do bring these back into the worship area as it is a larger space and be mindful to give space when talking to others.
  • Ventilation– now that the colder weather has arrived, we need to find a balance between ventilating the space and heating it.  You may notice it is a bit colder than in the past, so do wear an extra jumper!
  • Signage– the reminder board will be in the front entrance and our lovely welcomers and sides people will be available to give you any guidance or advice.  

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