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Technology fund

To continue to offer live stream services we are going to need to buy a special camera and a laptop, which will give us the ability to continue sharing our services live over the Internet and as recordings on YouTube. We’ve managed to pare back the costs, but I’m sure you are well aware of the financial situation we are in, so we are asking for specific donations to our Technology Fund.

Please, if you are able to donate, do so through the Parish Giving Scheme if possible to maximise the tax advantage. Let PGS know (0333 002 1260) by 20th November and we will see the donation in the 1st December payment cycle. Of course, you can donate by Bank Transfer or cheque, but we won’t get the tax back on that until next year. To ask questions about donations, please talk to Christopher or Jason. To ask questions about the technology (and why we need to buy it) please talk to Jon.

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