It seems a very long time since I took over from Chris Rowley as organiser for the Children’s society at St Mark’s. While we have been able to have a Christingle (of some sorts ) during the pandemic I haven’t had the opportunity to sort out the collection boxes.

If you still have a collection box at home please contact me at home (details in the church directory) and I will happily call round for it.   

After consulting Nicola and the leadership team we have decided that with recent changes to the way people shop,  loose change boxes are no longer a good way to collect donations for this charity and so I will not be returning emptied boxes.  

However I know that The Children’s Society is important  to a number of you especially in the season of Christmas and their workload is greater than ever before.  Please can I urge you to make your donation on line where you can Gift Aid it if appropriate. If you don’t want to do this I would be happy to accept donations in cash or by cheque. 

Please post them through my letterbox (rather than leaving them in church) as we settle into our new patterns of worship and let me know who the donation is from.  Many thanks for all your support over the years.   

Heather Cawley

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