Christians Against Poverty is on a mission to release thousands of families from grinding poverty through award winning debt counselling and community groups. By equipping and empowering local churches to reach out on their doorsteps, they’re bringing hope to tens of thousands of people every year.

St Mark’s has a team of trained Money Coaches and we run the CAP Money Course at different churches around the town. The course is completely free and is for anyone, regardless of their financial situation. We teach people how to budget and manage their finances, putting them in control of their money. For anyone struggling with large debts we can connect them with CAP’s Counsellors who will help them become debt free.

“I still use and go by what I learnt in the course … doing the CAP course has really helped so much I’m so glad I took part”

The course is run over three weeks in two-hour sessions. It is very informal, completely confidential and we will not ask for or discuss any personal details. To find out more, contact the parish office here or phone us on 01256 840502.

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