Being a Christian is just about popping to church on a Sunday right? Fortunately not! Being a Christian is mostly about the in-between bits! And these can be the most challenging! Here at St Mark’s we have small groups that meet during the week to nurture our faith and support each other. During this time we study the bible, follow up the week’s sermon and pray together. What happens during this time can be flexible to meet the needs of the group.

Currently we have 3 groups running:

  • Sandra McCarthy and Pat Billings (morning meeting in Hatch Warren)
  • Lorna Pain (afternoon meeting in Kempshott)
  • Tom Cawley & Iris Dearden (evening meeting in Kempshott)

“I’ve had some health problems but going to this group each week has provided me with stability and somewhere to feel safe and loved.”

If you are interested in joining or starting a group, please don’t hesitate in talking to Nicola or contacting the church office here.