The Cana Project (TCP) is a group that meets on the first and third Mondays of every month at one of our parish pubs.

While it may be mostly older men who attend this group, it genuinely is open to anyone and is attended by younger people and people of the other genders at times. It’s intended to be an alternative safe space where people, perhaps young in their faith, can just relax and chat. Faith and religion may come up but not every month.

It used to be St Marks at The Kestrel (SMAK)… it’s evolving!

Due to the parish reorganisation, there are now 3 pubs within the parish, The Kestrel, The Portsmouth Arms and The Holly Blue.

We meet at The Kestrel on the first Monday, and alternate between The Portsmouth Arms and The Holly Blue for the 3rd Monday. The next meeting will be held at The Kestrel.

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