Dear lovely people

The Bishops’ Advisory Panel  have recommended me for training as Deacon which  I assume will start in September. I have yet to hear the exact details of the training. 

Thank you for you prayers, blessings and good wishes and your support. It has been very much appreciated.

Love and blessings
Debbie x

Church Family News

Many congratulations to Ken Batt as he celebrates 50 years in ministry this Sunday at Sherfield On Loddon Church. Ken was our vicar from September 1989 to September 2000.

We do have a card to send to Ken with our good wishes – please sign this if you have chance on Sunday. it will be at the back of the Worship Area.  

Also, Stuart Foster, our first vicar has been in the news this week. Before he retired, Stuart was a chaplain to Belvoir Castle. He has recently published a book entitled “Good Companions” focusing on the lives of past chaplains to Belvoir Castle. Please click here for more details from the Grantham Journal.

Many thanks Hilary, for sharing these updates. 

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