The situation for the UK has greatly improved over the last few months and many people have been vaccinated.

However much of the world is in a different position and the virus continues to cause immense suffering around the world. If you would like to give thanks for receiving your vaccination, or to donate to charities who are helping to ensure that every community is supported, the National Church has offered guidance on how we can contribute to vaccination equity campaigns:

  • The Church of England helped to bring about the campaign with Unicef and Crowdfunder, which is seeking to help provide more than 2.5 billion vaccines worldwide. Donations can be made directly, or communities can set up local fundraisers to contribute together.
  • Christian Aid’s Give Thanks campaign is focusing on humanitarian support including food, water and healthcare in areas where the vaccine is not currently available.
  • In addition, the Church of England has worked with on the Give Hope Campaign which works to target misinformation and encourage everyone to take up the offer of a vaccination.

Do please give if you can.

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