St Mark’s is a vibrant Christian community that offers a broad range of worshipping experience. We are blessed with a fellowship of all ages that adds to the richness of our church family. 

We are a parish church within the Church of England, sharing the love of God and seeking the good of our community together.

We aim to be a truly welcoming church—nurturing and valuing of all equally, developing deeper connections with all people and including everyone no matter what means or characteristics other people might use to categorise and discriminate against them. This includes, but is not limited to, age, economic power, family make-up, gender, gender identity, mental or physical health or ability, race or sexuality. We hope that everyone who visits St Mark’s will feel that they have been personally welcomed and encouraged, and that they have encountered God in some way.

We believe that Jesus is at the heart of our community and invite you to come and find out more about what it means to live in the power of the Holy Spirit as we grow, care, love and share together.

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