Inspero at Kempshott Village Hall

You are probably aware of various important charities that work in our local community who are helping in different ways to give support where needed.

Inspero might not be one that you are as familiar with as some of the others. Initially it concentrated on encouraging and supporting young people to lead healthy lifestyles through learning about food. They were taught how to grow, harvest, prepare and cook fresh seasonal food, using Inspero’s gardens which you may have spotted at the back of Kempshott Village Hall.

Times are different now though, and Inspero has branched out to help and support the community in many new and different ways. With a small army of volunteers they package and deliver weekly food delivery packages to vulnerable and needy people in Basingstoke, tailored to their specific needs and situations. They also deliver hot meals, provide a prescription collection and delivery service and support May Place Homeless Shelter and Mary Rose Court in Attwood Close.

Every Tuesday and Thursday they open a ‘drop in’ Community Food Hub in Kempshott Village Hall stocked with donated grocery items from local supermarkets and their own organic garden for those struggling to feed themselves and their families.

Some of our church congregation help in supporting this important work through regular volunteering and donations. If you know anyone that would like to access Inspero’s Covid-19 support, you can request help by calling 07950 686614 or through their website by clicking here.

If you might be interested in volunteering yourself you will receive a warm welcome, and your prayers for the organisation and all its people are doing, would, I have no doubt, be much appreciated. Check out Inspero on their main page by clicking here.
Iris Dearden

Inspero food collection

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