Introducing our new curate…..

It was wonderful to be at Winchester Cathedral last Sunday for Kim’s ordination as a deacon – I know others of you watched online and were able to join her for her celebration tea. Thanks to all of those involved in setting this up, live-streaming, serving and clearing away.

Revd Kim Robins is now our curate! While she will also continue to be working part-time as Parish Administrator, we’ll all need to adjust to her being in this different role. To help make the transition smoother, here’s a few things you can do to help Kim as she begins her curacy:

  • encourage Kim when she’s doing new things – tell her what she’s got right, be gentle with criticism
  • try new things with Kim as she experiments with new ideas – take the opportunity to learn with her
  • value mistakes – we all need to take risks to learn and sometimes things don’t go as planned
  • keep office business for office hours – do remember that the pink book is available at the back of church for messages you want to pass on to the Parish Administrators on a Sunday
  • pray for Kim, for Nicola and for us as a church

God has many gifts to give us and many lessons to teach us. Pray that we might all be open to receiving and learning. 

Kim’s curacy is [email protected]
If you can update this in your address book and use this for ministry emails, rather than her personal one, that would be grand! Obviously office business should still be sent to [email protected]

… and our new parish administrator

On Monday , Sue and I interviewed our very own Sarah Besemer for the role of part time parish administrator. Sarah was offered the role and we are delighted to report has accepted it and will start at the beginning of August. 

The Office will be open as normal during July, but during August, Sarah and Kim will work together for training purposes so do keep your eye on the newsletter for opening hours. From September, Kim will generally be working on a Tuesday and Friday and Sarah on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.


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