After conversations as a leadership team we have decided that although the new lockdown rules do allow us to continue to gather for communal worship we need to consider the duty of care we have to people in our church family, and we do not think that it is the most responsible course of action to continue to meet in the building considering all that is going on…

With this in mind, we plan to return to live-stream worship only for the coming few weeks—at least until the PCC has had an opportunity to see how the situation progresses and can talk things through at our next meeting. A number of other local churches have already made similar decisions…

This means that this Sunday we will not be gathering in the building but will be online (this also includes our Thursday Holy Communion which will not be resuming for the time being). I know this is disappointing, and we all hoped to be moving on to better times, but here we are, and God is with us, even on this undesirable path!

As always, please do get in contact with myself or the Parish office if you would appreciate particular prayer or support, and do feed any thoughts you may have about the way forward to members of the PCC for them to share.

I’m so thankful for the technological capacity we have to keep our services going online and for the love that we have for each other that has kept us together… let’s keep going, remaining firmly anchored to the love of God.

Keep looking at the newsletter and the website for up to date information.


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