Do say ‘hello’ to Suzanne Newcombe over the next few weeks as she joins us for her LLM placement beginning on Sunday. Here’s some words from Suzanne to introduce herself…

Hi I’m Suzanne

I am currently in my third year of training for Licensed Lay ministry and I am looking forward to spending 8 weeks at St Mark’s Church as part of my training. I hope to get to know members of the congregation and find out about the work of the parish.

I live in Alton. I have lived here for 30 years and in that time have always worked locally. I was a teacher for 27 years in Alton to begin with, and then at Long Sutton Primary School. Three years ago I moved to Treloar’s special school where I am a student support assistant and chaplain. I enjoy working there with the students and staff.

The last few years have offered little opportunity for hobbies but I enjoy singing having been involved with local choirs in Alton. I also enjoy my garden both for gardening and relaxing. 

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