This Sunday, 4th October, is the first of our live-stream services from the church, beginning at 10am. Booking for any service can be done on the website or via the church office, however the cut-off, from now on is at 10am on the Friday before to allow for arranging the seating plan. You can watch the service on the website from 10am, the service will be recorded so you can also watch it anytime after this! Did you know, there are numerous ways to get to it?! How about, as a challenge, this week, you find it a different way!

(People who are rotated into the service do not need to book.)

All the usual practices will be in place, hand sanitiser upon entering the church, wearing of masks for all, except for communion when Nicola will be wearing one and socially-distanced seating. All of these measures, although they may feel strange, are in place because we care for one another and allow us to worship together in safety.

Obviously, this is the first time we have done this, it is still very much a work in progress- please be patient as we make this transition! Do let us know if you have any feedback.

Going forward, could you please only book one week at a time to allow others to attend if they have not been able to get booked in the week before. Unfortunately, we are not able to run any children’s sessions at the moment, and while children are welcome to attend, there is an expectation that they stay in their allocated seats to ensure social distancing. We are looking into being able to provide occasional God’s Gifts sessions soon.

If you are coming to the building and think you may need some water, please bring a bottle of water with you, as we need to limit access to the kitchen area.

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