The values that were echoed most strongly through the Vision Day focused around a desire for the new parish to be compassionate and welcoming. As a church we want to set a good example in how we listen and speak to others, even if we don’t always agree with them.

We also want to understand the issues that impact the everyday lives of those around us in regard to identity, marriage and human sexuality, we want to acknowledge where we have been prejudiced and seek to have open and respectful conversations.

Each of us can be a part of helping this to happen by making time to reflect on how we live out our faith in relation to these issues. One way we can do this is through engaging with the ‘Living in Love and Faith’ course.

The course will be run by St Mark’s Church, but we’d love anyone from Immanuel Church to join us. There are three group options available for you, so please sign up to join in. Starting on 20th Sept we will be running the course for five weeks – on Monday evenings at St Mark’s Church, Sunday evenings online and an ad hoc group who will decide when they can meet. The Wednesday home group will be using the course in their study over the five weeks.

Please sign up at church for your preferred option or let the Parish Office know and we’ll confirm the details once we have numbers.

Nicola and Dave

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