Just a little ordinand update to let you know how my training is going. I have just completed my first module for this academic year called “Christian Theology, Ritual and Pastoral Care” – yes it was a bit of a mouth full and we mostly used the initials! I’m now waiting for the results….

In this term, I have started an Independent Learning Project which is a bit like a dissertation. I can set my own question for this but also need to do lots of reading and independent research.

In addition, I will also be doing a placement at St Mary’s, Old Basing & Lychpit. The idea is to broaden my experience at a church that’s different to St Mark’s. Some of you may know that St Mary’s is rural and more sacramental in its worship (pictured above).

My placement starts on Sunday 7th February and will finish on Easter Sunday, 4th April. I will joining their services each week, either online or in-person. I won’t disappearing entirely though, as I will be still doing my parish admin work.

Thank you everyone, for your continued encouragement and prayer support over the last 16 months. Take care and stay safe.

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