As you will be aware, we are working towards uniting the parishes of St Mark’s and Immanuel, and lots of work is being done behind the scenes to bring this about. Part of this process is a legal one in which we are asked to give notice of the public consultation period for the reorganisation to those who may be affected. Hence this email to let you know about it- here’s the official bit:

“A Notice giving the objects of proposed pastoral reorganisation affecting this parish has been displayed near the main door and on the Church of England website. The Notice includes the last date by which representations regarding the proposed reorganisation may be made to the Church Commissioners.” 

The consultation period runs until 7th February 2022. For more information we have included the relevant documents below and they will also be available to view on the website.

A couple of changes were made to the documents over the Christmas period. The timescale of the scheme is unchanged and the amended documents are detailed below:

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