Some of you may know that Chris and I volunteer for a charity called ‘Readeasy’,  which focuses on helping adults that either cannot read at all or are have very limited reading skills. 

We are amongst a number of coaches for the Basingstoke branch of Readeasy and have been coaching for a couple of years now.  I still find it difficult to believe how many people in Basingstoke fall into one or other categories with regards to reading issues.  The service is free to any adult that would like help and has made a real difference to people that have made use of the service.

The problem is that it takes a large amount of courage to come forward and ask for help.  Very often people are encouraged to get in touch with the charity through a friend or family member. If you know of someone that would really benefit from making use of this service do get in touch – contact details are on the flyer below.

Iris Dearden

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