These last few months we have gone through an extraordinary time facing COVID-19 and living through a national lockdown – a time that we will probably talk about for many years to come. There have been lots of changes to adapt to, and our individual and community life will continue to look different as we find a ‘new normal’ in the way that we do things.

Cairns are often built in special places like a mountain top to mark a journey

Before we all get back to some kind of routine, we were wondering about how we could mark or remember this time of pandemic as a community and offer people the chance to mark the journey and remember what has happened, both good and bad.

St Mark’s is facilitating a simple community project called ‘Remembering Stones’–collecting people’s stories in the form of a story, a poem, a painting, a video or an audio file, alongside a lockdown remembering stone that they have painted to add to a cairn that we will build in the grounds of the church.

The stone can represent good times, bad times, people, events or loved ones that people might want to remember. You don’t need to be an amazing artist, a simple painted image or word is great! Here’s one our vicar did!

Bluebells painted on stone

How to get involved…

We would love as many of the Kempshott and Longacre community as possible to join in, young and old. We have already been in touch with schools, pre-schools and local community organisations, the Mayor and the Bishop of Basingstoke, but we would love individuals or families to add their own stone too. All you need is a suitable sized stone for painting, a paintbrush and acrylic paints or Sharpies pens for a weatherproof finish.

  1. Pick a stone from outside the vicarage or let us know if you would like one delivered and decide what you would like to remember
  2. Paint your stone with an image or a word
  3. Take a picture of your stone, write or record your story (you can find a story sheet to do this here – see a finished example of the story sheet here)
  4. If you are painting as part of a group then your group leader will probably organise a time to come and place your stone on the cairn
  5. If you are painting an individual stone you are welcome to come to the church garden to add your stone to the cairn between 14th September and 31st October

Please note- in sharing your stories and stones with us you are giving permission for them to be shared with others as part of the project. You are very welcome to share your stone and story without adding your name.

Remembering stones poster - A community project for Kempshott and Longacre. Coronavirus has changed 2020 for all of us. As a way of marking this unusal time we invite you to join in a 'community rememebring' bu painting a stone to tell your stony - something you missed, something you enjoyed, a person you want to rmember. Add your stone to the cairn in the church garden between between 14th September and 31st October.

Ideally, we would like to be able to share the stories we collect with the community on our website. If the regulations allow later in the year, we’d like to have a display in the church that individuals and small groups could visit to share one another’s stories together.

For further information…

Please contact the church office here or you can phone us on 01256 840502, or contact Revd Nicola Such or Debbie Veel.


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