Close up of cairn

We’d love you to add to the cairn… do come and pick up stones from outside the Vicarage! If you’d like more detail about taking part, please see Nicola’s post here. We have Bishop David coming to lay a stone on 2nd October and the Mayor on 19th October. Do encourage family, friends and neighbours to join in and tell us their story.

The cairn now includes the named stones that have been in the worship area when the church had to close. They are now part of the foundation stones of the cairn and ready for the decorated stones coming from the community.

Cairn and surrounding flowers

Our thanks go to the team who created the cairn last week – thank you Will and Sue, Chris and Debbie and Nicola. You are wonderful! Thank you also to Ellie for the lovely St Mark’s stone you have created. It looks super!

Please contact the church office here or you can phone us on 01256 840502, or contact Revd Nicola Such or Debbie Veel.

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