Debbie and Nicola picking stones

Having done some research trips to assorted garden centres and of  necessity checked out the tea rooms too as we discussed the “quality of the stones”, Nicola and Debbie decided that the best value for money was to go to  the stone merchants in Eastleigh, because every stone could be picked individually so no they could make sure no useless teeny weeny stones were caught in the mix.

Nicola and Debbie collecting stones

The first visit was absolute torrential pouring rain and they just had to go and shelter in Costa for half an hour! On their next visit it couldn’t have been more different—blistering sunshine. Every stone was lovingly handpicked by Nicola, Debbie and and a very helpful young man called Nathan from Miles Stones.                                                                                                                                       

Memory stones in Swanage

Whilst on was on holiday, there was a different approach to memory stones taken on the beach at Swanage seafront.

If you have a stone or are thinking about doing one it would be great if you contribute before October 2nd, as that is when Bishop David is coming to lay his stone (hopefully with some press coverage).

We were kindly given a kind donation of £50 from the Kempshott Kourier to buy stones for community groups. Last Monday, Nicola and Debbie bought 106 stones for the local preschools and another 140 assorted stones for other community groups such as Inspero, Coppice Springs School, Kempshott Infants and Kempshott Guiding groups. The community has responded very positively to this project and are very keen to be involved.

See more details here about contributing your story.

There are still plenty of stones left for anyone in St. Mark’s church or their families or people who live in Kempshott who would like to do one. There are some outside the Vicarage on Kempshott Lane; some at the  church.

Please contact the church office here or you can phone us on 01256 840502 if you’d like to pick up a stone from the church.

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