We have shared some lovely carols over the last few weeks. Please see below for some more favourites. Also do join us for our recorded Carol Service which is available here on Sunday 20th December from 7pm.

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Picking my favourite carol is easy for me. My favourite has always been ‘Silent Night’ (Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht) as it brings back memories of my childhood and the Christmas Midnight Mass back in Austria. It was always the final carol being sung and carried on being played as the congregation left the church and we usually kept humming it all the way back home. On quite a few occasions that meant walking back home through the snow. That carol symbolises Christmas for me. Very special memories indeed.
(Iris Dearden)

When I hark back to my childhood, I recall Carol services held in the church situated on the sub-continent of what was the India. (Subsequently sub-divided into Pakistan and India). This division came about when the British handed over independence to the two countries on the 11th of September 1947. So no longer was India referred to as the Jewel in the Crown.

What is all this pre amble leading up to you might ask?

Simply in my somewhat enquiring mind, who else from the myriads of nations across the globe ever ruled more than one or two countries at a time. My Dear Mother gave me the answer, which I have treasured all my life. The infant King of Kings, Jesus, born in a manager on that glorious… Silent Night, Holy Night.
(Ian Briggs)

‘O Holy Night’ is the carol that really sums up the joy and peace & wonder of Christmas! As you know, I absolutely adore Christmas – family celebrations and fun & laughter whilst celebrating the birth of our Saviour- what’s not to love ??

My darling Dad who died nearly 15 years ago now adored Christmas and every Christmas morning he would play Nat King Cole’s version of ‘O Holy Night’ at full blast as we woke up! This carol not only praises the wonder of the birth of Jesus but also leads me to remember my darling Dad and his love of Christmas too.
(Clare Nunn)

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