Thank you to those of you who completed our online survey—clearly there are many wider questions about what the church might look like post-COVID that the PCC will reflect on when we have a slightly longer view on it… but in terms of immediate response to how we meet now there is a clear indication that many of you are wanting to be able to gather again in a safe way but also appreciate the flexibility of the online services.

With this in mind the Church Wardens and Nicola met on Monday evening to discuss the pattern of services for the coming months providing the current guidlines don’t change.

New service pattern

  • From Sunday 4th October we plan to move to a live-streamed service from the church building.
  • There will be one Sunday service at 10am which people can book to attend in the usual way, watch live streamed online or watch recorded at another time. It will be similar to the service video and we will share communion every other week (depending on festivals). We will be able to listen to the music group but not join in (unless we’re at home!)
  • We will stop the Sunday evening communion service and won’t be opening for prayer on Tuesdays but will reinstate the Thursday 9am simple communion service. 
  • The live-streamed service will look different and is a work in progress- the image will be from a single camera at the back of the church but is able to include pre-recorded content from people not able to be in the building. 
  • We will be in touch with those of you who are involved in leading, preaching, reading, praying, welcoming and undertaking the role of sides person. Plans will be made for safe seating and privacy.
  • The current guidelines we have in place will remain- including sanitising hands, wearing face coverings and social distancing.

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