Update on fundraising for heating- details for giving

Thank you for your generosity towards the fundraising for a replacement heating system in the worship area.  So far we have £6,600 pledged or given, on which we can hopefully also reclaim some tax. 

The PCC and the Premises Committee are working to get some additional quotes for the work and we have faculty permission from the diocese in process.  We are now arranging temporary heating for this winter season as we work things out.

We realise that it might not be possible for everyone to give financially towards the project, but please do think and pray about whether you are able to give towards the heating replacement in the coming weeks.  We are currently planning to use £5,000 from our reserves and hope to be successful with grant applications – the total cost is not yet known but we are aiming for around £18,000.  To give you can use various methods:-

1)   Log into PGS at   https://www.parishgiving.org.uk/my-pgs/parish/68730/landing-page/   You will need to set up an annual payment and then remember to cancel it after the payment has been made.  Alternatively telephone 0333 002 1260.  PGS is the fastest way for St Mark’s to get the Gift Aid tax back.  Please let Christopher or the Office know the additional amount is for the heating.
2)   Let the Office or Christopher have a cheque and either write on the back of it or on an envelope that it is for the heating.
3)   Make a bank transfer.  Either the Office or Christopher can let you have our bank details.
4)   Cash – if you can, please use a white Gift Aid envelope.  Alternatively please hand in to the Office or Christopher but please don’t leave it in our external post box.
5)   Donate through the website, bearing in mind that the organisation which collects on our behalf takes a fee of 4.8% of your donation(!) and to date we haven’t been successful in getting any tax back under this method (although Jason is still trying!).

Please do make it clear that your donation is for the heating – otherwise it will go into the general fund.
Thank you!

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