Thank you for your generosity towards the fundraising for a replacement heating system in the worship area. So far we have £4,100 pledged or given, on which we can hopefully also reclaim some tax.

The PCC and the Premises Committee are working to get some additional quotes for the work and we have faculty permission from the diocese in process. It’s possible that we may now be looking at temporary heating for this winter season as we work things out.

We realise that it might not be possible for everyone to give financially towards the project, but please do think and pray about whether you are able to give towards the heating replacement in the coming weeks. We are currently planning to use £5,000 from our reserves and hope to be successful with grant applications- the total cost is not yet known but we are aiming for around £18,000.

A message from our Treasurer-

Thank you to everyone who has approached me to say you will be contributing to the heating replacement in the worship area. Your generosity is appreciated, and from the various conversations I thought it might be helpful to explain where we are with financing it from our reserves.

When we have had surpluses in previous years, the PCC decided to put monies to one side for future major repairs and refurbishments. 2018 was a year of generosity; during 2018 the PCC put £1000 aside for the newly created reserve, and after the end of the year another £6000. In 2019 there was a surplus so a further £3000 was put to one side, which brought the total to £10000. There were a few bits and bobs to pay for the ramp over and above the amounts raised, plus some preliminaries on the heating, so at the start of 2021 our designated major repairs and refurbishment reserve stood at £9214. We have used some of this to pay for the heating consultant’s advice and it is thought that £5000 could be used for the heating project. At the moment , the total cost is unknown, as we are awaiting quotes to implement Phase One; we are hoping it can be done for about £18,000, but this is a pure guesstimate.

Will is valiantly making applications for grant funding and no doubt we will hear of any successes as they are achieved. In the meantime, please continue to pray about the whole situation, from which contractor should be appointed, to God’s provision in the form of funding.

Christopher Owens, Treasurer

Our next tax reclaim will be to 5 October on which we anticipate receiving the tax refund by 31 December. With that in mind, if you are considering a donation, and can make it before 5 October then we will get the tax back earlier than if your generous donation is made after 5 October. Thank you!

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